Jenna's Memorial Fund, Helping Kids with Cancer

In Memory of Jenna Lang

Thank you for visiting our website and for considering making a donation to Jenna’s Memorial Fund.

This Fund was established by the Lang Family, in honor of their 17 year old daughter Jenna, who passed away in September 2009 following a courageous and graceful battle with rhabdomyosarcoma. Jenna dreamed of helping other kids who had been diagnosed with cancer and through this fund, we hope to realize Jenna’s dream.

Donations made in honour of Jenna through this memorial fund will help families who are experiencing financial distress as a result of their child’s illness. The Patient Amenities program is a specific fund within Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Support Programs Inc. which helps cover the cost of things like medications not covered by OHIP or insurance, utility bills, groceries, and even rent/mortgage payments.

Please give generously knowing your support of Jenna’s Memorial Fund will go directly to the Patient Amenities Program and will have a real and tangible impact in the lives of families of children with cancer.

Click here to donate now! (http://www.canadahelps.org/GivingPages/GivingPage.aspx?gpID=6559)

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If you prefer to donate by cheque or money order, please make it payable to Candlelighters – Jenna’s Memorial Fund” and mail it to:

Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Support Programs Inc.

Jenna’s Memorial Fund

9-21 Concourse Gate

Ottawa, Ontario K2E 7S4 (Canada)

**Note that official tax receipts are issued for all donations submitted online through the above-noted link and if donations are mailed to Candlelighters, official tax receipts are issued for donations over $10(so please include your return mailing address)**