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Messages From Some of Jenna's Friends
Brittany Laming
Jenna was the bestest friend anyone could ever ask for. Her smile could light up a whole room, she was the strongest and most beautifulest girl I have ever met. Even when she would say "I look like shit" she didn’t, she looked amazing. I cherish every moment I spent with her and every time I’d be with her I would always have an amazing time. Her personality inspired me and I love her more than anything in the world. I will miss her for the rest of my life…until we meet once again. Love you so much Jenna Brooke. xo
Jenna Huckstep

Jenna and I spent alot of great times together. She always had a positive outlook of what was going to happen next. Jenna was more then just a friend to me, she was more of a sister and she was always there to talk and just help me and everyone else through problems. She was more than just amazing, she had every quality a friend could ever want, trust and strength. Jenna proved to me that there was more out there to life. The best times of my life were spent with Jenna Brooke. We were always the Jennas :) It’s amazing to have such a great and amazing friend like Jenna was. She showed me alot of things can be done, you just have to keep fighting, and I thank her everyday. Jenna and I had a close relationship and I would never regret any of the crazy things we did. She is an amazing person and inspired alot of people in our community and around the world. I love you Jenna Brooke and miss you more then anything ♥

Hucky xo
Jessica Perris

Jenna Lang, Oh I miss you, I miss you so bad. I hope you can hear me up there, I have lots to tell you. You are not only my best friend but as well, my hero. Now not only are you my best friend & hero but you are my beautiful Guardian Angel. September 16th 2009 is the day you slipped away & still to this very day I still feel you here. Seven years ago is when we met, and honestly, from the moment we met in elementry school, I think we both knew from that day on we were going to be the best of friends. No matter what we were doing, we always had the best of time...shared many laughs, tears, arguments and amazing times together, whether we were out with friends, or just sitting at home with our pjs on!

You were & still are truly the only person that really understood me and who I am. You never judged me and you always made me feel like it was ok to be different. I was truly honoured to meet you Jenna Lang - let alone call you my best friend. I can't explain how hard these last few months have been without you here. I think about you day and night Jenna Lang. You were the most amazing, incredible individual I have ever ever met! I remember our trip to Niagara Falls which we took together - my gosh…haha, it was by far too fun! Or in grade 6 when we got our belly buttons pierced together. To this day, I still remember how terrified we were to get them done, hahaha. I remember you screamed so loud when he pierced yours and he said " wow, that’s the first time I've ever had someone scream in here." LOL. Or our crazy, insane weekend of RIIVEEERSIDEEE JAAAM BABAAAY 2009 BBAABBAAAY!! haha. I will never ever forget that weekend! I am truly glad I got to spend that week/weekend with you. You really were a trooper Jenna Lang, the strongest, most loving 17 year old I've even met. There is plenty more I could say, but I should stop myself here babygirl.

Just remember that I love you & I think you’re the most amazing girl ever. You are my best friend & distance will never take that away from us. You are always going to be in my heart Langer, and permanently with me, forever & always Jenna. I promise you that. I love you with all my heart ♥

ps. I dropped a tear in the ocean, the day you find it is the day I will stop missing you ♥
Love forever & always, Baby :) oxoxoxoxxooxoxoxoxoxoxo  I miss you ♥
Meagan Lowry
Even though I didn't know Jenna as long as most of her other friends had, our bond was stronger than the ones I hold with some of my closest friends. She had this way of life to her that is indescribable, and that drew me in wanting to get to know her more. Despite our age difference, I saw her not only as a TRUE friend, but a sister as well. She was one of the very few people I could tell ANYTHING to, and she never judged me based on my actions or decisions. She was the only person I actually listened to when taking advice, and we always had a way of working through our problems together. She was my only friend who would put me in my place when need be, without getting angry. She just had this ridiculously strong passion for life, one I wish I knew. Many people thought I was weird, always hanging out with someone 3 years my junior, but to me being with Jenna was more fulfilling and beneficial than hanging out with those my own age or older. She taught me so many things and then some.
Jenna was one of the only people I could stand shopping with. Usually by the end of it I could feel she was ready to kill me, but she always stuck it out and was 100% honest with me when trying things on, like "Eww as if you'd even put that on" .. or "OMG you HAVE to buy that!" .. I loved her for it. Anyone else would have been like oh yup that looks good, just to get outta the damn store. But she always had an honest opinion about everything.
Once she got sick it hurt me to watch her go through what she did, but amazed me to see that through it all, not once did I hear her complain, after realizing she's probably the only person in my life with the right to do so. When she was laying in the hospital sick and in pain and she knew there was something wrong with me (even though I tried to hide it) ... no matter what the problem was, she wouldn’t let up until I told her everything, and she always had a way of making things better. Even if it was just smiling that big smile of hers... oh how I miss that smile :(  She truly was the bravest, most courageous, loving, compassionate and honest person I’ve ever met in my life and I will never forget any of the wonderful memories we made together. My only regret in being Jenna's friend is that we never got a picture together. In 4 years of partying and hanging out, we never got a picture. Figure that one out! But we had a trick up our sleeves also, one in store for Bob and Jen... I had planned on breeding my dog just so Jenna could have a puppy (and me too of course)... but unfortunately September 16th came before the puppies did and Jenna's wish to take a puppy home (against Bob's wishes lol!) was no longer a part of the plan. But once the little guys arrived on November 25th, I had a new plan! Bob & Jen were getting a puppy still and they didn't know it yet! :)  ... . I was so proud of my little girl for giving birth to 9 adorable little puppies that I named them all in honor of Jenna, and to this day.. I notice a small part of her personality in each and every one of the pups. They are feisty, beautiful, gentle, kind, they LOVE life, (and alcohol, shhhh ;) hehe, and most important of all... they ALWAYS get what they want! :) .. so I’m proud and honored that Jenna's parents agreed to take a puppy in her memory, because its what she always wanted. I wish more than anything she could be here to experience the joy of little Langer, but I know even though she isn't here in person, she's still here in spirit, and loving every moment of him!  ... I miss Jenna more and more every day, every time I talk about her or think about her I’m overwhelmed with waves of emotions just hitting me like bricks, some days my puppies are all I have to get me through, and I talk to them just like they are her. But I know someday I will be with her again. And it'll be the biggest darn party in Heaven anyone's ever seen!!! Love you and miss you like crazy Jenna Brooke!! Sleep well baby girl!